Fabulous all rounder needed!

We are looking for someone AMAZING to join our team

You'll be working with us the equivalent of one day a week for a three month period. You will be helping us with our work in schools across the UK, helping to create marketing materials, organising and coordinating workshops and performances through email and phone, dealing with invoicing and simple book keeping, helping improve our systems and processes, be part of brain storming sessions and helping out with any other administrative activities as and when required. 
Please note that this position is on a freelance basis so you would be responsible for declaring your own tax.


  • We are looking for someone super organised, 
  • Who can work independently but happy to work with a small team. 
  • We need someone well spoken, and highly professional. 
  • Must be able to communicate well through written and spoken word. 
  • You must be computer literate, preferably with an understanding of dealing with email marketing. 
  • Ideally you will have a passion for Africa and African cultures.

When: 1 day a week and we can be flexible about when this is.
Pay: £10.00/hour
Where: Edinburgh
Scope for the hours or period to be extended - YES
Please send your CV to us before the 26th February 2017. Interviewing week beginning 27th February 2017.
Thank you


Get your info to us NOW!!!

Look forward to working with you!