One of the ways Afrika Presents celebrates African cultures is through the following interactive school workshops tailored to develop knowledge and skills within the curriculum for excellence, through fun, engaging and interactive play.

The students develop essential skills for life and learning, as they gain an appreciation and understanding of various African cultures.

Mara Menzies is one of Scotland's top performance storytellers with an engaging and interactive style. Through Afrika Presents, her storytelling shares the beauty, warmth and vibrant cultures from across Africa in a unique and unforgettable way. The sessions can be tailored to accommodate all year groups and often include a cultural experience where children can handle artefacts from across the continent. E.g. Masai jewellery, calabash, ostrich egg, a variety of musical instruments and a cow tail fly whisk. The children also dress up in East African kangas and learn some Swahili language. 


Working with artists such as Fadzai, a highly experienced artist from Zimbabwe, students will work under guidance to create artworks like clay pots that incorporate art designs from several different cultures such as Bogolan fabrics from Mali and Zulu geometric patterns. Each child will take home a unique artwork and a fulfilling experience that may inspire them to further explore these immersive, multi-sensory arts.



Working with some of the most vibrant dancers in the UK, the African dance sessions showcase the various styles and movements from across the continent from the gumboot dance of Southern Africa to the Agbeko dance of West Africa with some history and information about each dance. The instructor can be accompanied by either live percussionists enabling the children to see how the dancers and musicians can inspire each other. Alternatively, the dance teacher can come prepared with pre-recorded music.


These workshops will offer students the opportunity to discover various African authors, poets, and their works. Guided by different talented creative writing and performing artists, students will also get to explore creative writing through observing photographs as a source of writing inspiration.

If you are looking for an activity that develops your students’ skills while they discover different cultures through creative and engaging arts, Afrika Presents is here to present to you exactly that!

We work with each school to create a programme that suits their individual requirements.

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